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Lawn Equipment Care

Posted on 13 November 2017 by admin (0)

We all are well aware if the fact that plants are living beings and they need water, sunlight and nutrients from soil to survive. However, very few of us give importance to the fact that like us or the animals, plants requires care and attention too, especially the green lush lawns. Other than water sunlight and nutrients, a lawn grass need to kept clean from pests and weeds, trimmed on regular basis, given all the required supplies of pastures and manure in soil etc.

Lawn maintenance is not an easy chore and requires lot of efforts and dedication. To achieve adequate level of care there are few of the lawn care equipments that are brought in use. These includes the lawn mower, Edger, Leaf blower, fertiliser, gardening tools, safety gears, etc. Just like the garden lawn the Lawn  equipments  maintenance is also essential, this is how.

The most  important tool for your lawn care is your lawn mower and edger as a lawn mower help in cutting the grass and levelling it at required height. And  an edger is used to give shape to your grass from the edges. While these are the most important tools but are often neglected until something goes wrong. The most important step which we miss 90% of time is reading the manual of these appliances. A manual suggest the lawn equipment maintenance, care and attention that the maker of the appliance wants you to pay to it.What could be better than that?

It has been detected that 90% of the time when a lawn mower is not starting, the reason is the gasoline. The gas in the lawn mower should be drained after every use. The longer the gas stays there it turns unfit for the mower causing problems in its ignition. Other than these the oil level in a lawn mower should be monitored every now and then to not to run it without oil. Air filters in the lawn mowers should also be replaced on annual basis. These are not very expensive and a regular change help in elongation of life of the lawn mowers and providing required lawn equipment maintenance.

In other cases grass get stacked in the undercarriage of the lawn mower making it impossible to cut grass. This should be cleaned to the maximum.A regular blade sharpening session is a must as the blades goes blunt after sometime. Spark plug replacement after every year ensure protection from short circuits etc providing the ultimate lawn equipment maintenance.

Lawn edger is an engine powered machine with blades that cut in the vertical direction and hence are useful in cutting the edges of the lawn which as such is not possible with the lawn mower. Similar to the lawn mower the engine of a lawn edger is also prone to debris, dirt and grass so should be regularly checked for cracked air filters and replacement of old oil  for regular engine care.
Once a while a routine service for your engine appliances is also not a bad idea as it helps in safeguarding their life and performance.