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Posted on 20 November 2017 by admin (0)

Who would not like the very sight of lush green lawns surrounded with beautiful flowers, twittering birds? All this seems so wonderful for a nice cup of coffee in your lawn on a perfect morning! However this perfect scene can be ruined with just a tiny little weed plant. Yes you read it right! One weed plant can grow up quickly into many plants and destroy the whole lawn turf.

Weed is described as an unwanted wild plant growing in competition of the cultivated plants or grass.  They grow widely and at a faster speed and use up the water and soil nutrient of the cultivated plants making it hard for them to grow and nourished as required.  Hence it’s very important to have a weed free lawn in order to get the best result of all your efforts and time that have been put in your lawn.

To have a weed free lawn can sometime be a real challenge! And as per the saying that prevention is better than cure, it is recommended to have a regular check on your plants to pull out the very first weed plant before it spread like crazy in the whole garden. Here are some more tips to attain a weed free lawn.

The first step is removing all the weeds, as told before. When the weeds grow up in a large number they are actually uncontrollable and cannot be pulled out with bare hands, so one can use tools like a handheld weeder. It helps in getting rid of weeds on a faster rate than bare hands. On other hand if the growth is massive herbicides such as the glyphosate can be directly sprayed on the weeds to get them out of the scene.  A weed and feed product can also be brought in assistance in this case. However, one should be very careful about the fact that the applied product is used only after identifying the weeds and at the right time of the year.

Thatch is the collection of organic debris in the open matted spaces grasses of the grass.  This open space act as the invitation for weeds plants to grow. A dethatching rake should be used to remove the layers of thatches from the grass. Regular thatch removal is very beneficial for the lawn. Lawn should be aerated at regular basis. A test can be performed to check if the aeration is required or not.

Roots of a grass plant is pulled from the ground and if it is less than 2 inches of length, plant needs to be aerated or the plants will keep suffering and ultimately calls up for weeds. Plants can be aerated by using an aerator to have a weed free lawn.

The last but not the least point is watering the plant regularly and mowing it appropriately to have a weed free lawn as irregular affects the plants in massive way!