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Choose the right mower

Posted on 08 November 2017 by admin (0)

Lawn mowing is very essential for the growth and well-being of plants. It helps in keeping the grass green, tidy and free of weeds and unwanted plants. In addition to this the cutting of the grass tips releases necessary hormones that helps in grass spread at a huge level leaving no pores and space for the weeds to grow. Professional help for lawn mowing is always a call away. However, if you enjoy looking after your plants and want to give lawn mowing a shot by yourself you need to buy the right lawn mower.

To choose a right lawn mower can be tricky, this is bought in relation to the requirements i.e. is the type of grass and the area of operation. There are hundreds of brands out there selling numerous types of lawn mowers. However, on broader scale these has been categorised into three major types. To choose the right lawnmower for your grass, you need to be aware of all the types of mowers used for small scale lawn mowing.

The first type is the Walk-Behind Mowers. These are best for the smaller area lawns like the suburban lawns that have a little patch of grasses. These mowers can be manual or reel, electrical, powered with gas or cordless. Reel mowers are the cheapest as they work on simplest mechanism of reels of blades spinning and cutting the unwanted grass. Though take a bit of manual fore but are perfect for small area lawns. Similarly, the electric ones have electric motor that spins the wheel and all you do is walk behind the mower to cut the grass. Likewise, is the mechanism of the gas operated and the cordless one just their power source is gas and battery. If your lawn is small walk and mowing requirements are lesser any of these three will do the job. You can select as per your pocket allowance.

The second kind is the Riding Mowers. As the name suggests, these are the mowers for relatively larger area lawns, like a lawn of a commercial property or a resort lawn etc. To cut out the manual efforts of dragging, these are ride on mowers with relatively larger blades. These allows cutting a width of 26-66 inches of grass heights. These are further divided in four kinds, rear engine rider, lawn tractors, zero turn mowers and garden tractors.

o   Rear engine mowers are though ridable but are still smaller in size comparatively to the tractors and can easily be stored in tight spaced garages. Cutting width is the major criteria of selection of these types of lawn mowers. These are available in both automatic and manual types.

o   Lawn tractor lawn mowers are lighter than the garden tractors in terms of size, lower transmission of torque, horsepower and ties. Other than mowing larger area grasses and saving heaps of time and energy it can also be used as a tractor tilling, furrowing and towing loads.

o   Garden tractor lawn are bigger version of lawn tractors, as explained before. These have an engine of 24 horsepower and have larger back wheels to provide stability on slopes.

The third kind of mowers are tow-behind mowers. As the name suggests, they are the riders with towers behind for massive scale lawn mowing. These are of following types:

o   Rough cut mowers are designed to cut thick weeds and bushes. Larger garden lands are well maintained with these types of lawn mowers.

o   Finish cut mowers are larger version of the walk behind lawn mowers. These are tow behind mowers used to mow the grass on massive scale.