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Who would not like the very sight of lush green lawns surrounded with beautiful flowers, twittering birds? All this seems so wonderful for a nice cup of coffee in your lawn on a perfect morning! However this perfect scene can be ruined with just a tiny little weed plant. Yes you read it right! One weed plant can grow up quickly into many plants and destroy the whole lawn turf.

Weed is described as an unwanted wild plant growing in competition of the cultivated plants or grass.  They grow widely and at a faster speed and use up the water and soil nutrient of the cultivated plants making it hard for them to grow and nourished as required.  Hence it’s very important to have a weed free lawn in order to get the best result of all your efforts and time that have been put in your lawn.

To have a weed free lawn can sometime be a real challenge! And as per the saying that prevention is better than cure, it is recommended to have a regular check on your plants to pull out the very first weed plant before it spread like crazy in the whole garden. Here are some more tips to attain a weed free lawn.

The first step is removing all the weeds, as told before. When the weeds grow up in a large number they are actually uncontrollable and cannot be pulled out with bare hands, so one can use tools like a handheld weeder. It helps in getting rid of weeds on a faster rate than bare hands. On other hand if the growth is massive herbicides such as the glyphosate can be directly sprayed on the weeds to get them out of the scene.  A weed and feed product can also be brought in assistance in this case. However, one should be very careful about the fact that the applied product is used only after identifying the weeds and at the right time of the year.

Thatch is the collection of organic debris in the open matted spaces grasses of the grass.  This open space act as the invitation for weeds plants to grow. A dethatching rake should be used to remove the layers of thatches from the grass. Regular thatch removal is very beneficial for the lawn. Lawn should be aerated at regular basis. A test can be performed to check if the aeration is required or not.

Roots of a grass plant is pulled from the ground and if it is less than 2 inches of length, plant needs to be aerated or the plants will keep suffering and ultimately calls up for weeds. Plants can be aerated by using an aerator to have a weed free lawn.

The last but not the least point is watering the plant regularly and mowing it appropriately to have a weed free lawn as irregular affects the plants in massive way!

Yard Mowing at New Braunfels TX

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The process of cutting short the length of the grass to a desirable heights with the help of a lawn mower along with eliminating the unwanted plants like the weed etc. is called  yard mowing. Though it seems easy but requires regular efforts and a lot of hard work and dedication. A large number of professionals are available to provide yard mowing at New Braunfels TX.

These professionals provides various yard care services like mowing, edging, fertilizer and weed treatment. They have years of experience, knowledge and training and know what exactly to do with your lawn. It is said that among all the problems that a lawn faces irregular cutting of the grass is the biggest problem and invites  pests and weeds. Hence to escape the degradation of your lawn it is important to take help of the veterans of Yard mowing at New Braunfels TX.

When you hire a professional for your lawn care the first step they perform is cleaning the lawn for dry leaves, wigs and other articles lying on the grass. They also remove heavy furniture and other stuff from the grass to provide complete care. The second step performed by the professionals of yard mowing at New Braunfels TX services is to cut the grass using the lawn mower.

They have got different types of mowers and these are used on the basis of the size of area of the yard and the type of cutting required. Different kind of lawn mowers includes the walk behind lawn mowers for smaller yards, ride on lawn mowers for bit bigger yards and lawn tractors for massive yards which are also used in towing garden loads along with sprinkling plant seeds on the ground.

To provide the ultimate Yard mowing at New Braunfels, TX the professionals bring the lawn edgers in use. The edgers are used to cut the grass from the edges, which is hard to be accomplished by a mower. After giving a proportionate cut to the lawn the mowers make sure that all the weed plants are removed. If not they use the weed removers to get rid of weeds to prevent damages to the grass turf in future.

These professionals also performs the grass aeration test to check if the grass is affected by too much thatch. Thatch on grasses is the root cause of weeds and hence it is removed straight away. Their basic services also includes watering of the plants, supplying fertilizers and pest control to the plants if required.

In the nutshell, even if you are too busy with your routine life, you need not be disappointed  or worried about your plants as the yard mowing at New Braunfels TX professionals are always happy to help.

Lawn Equipment Care

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We all are well aware if the fact that plants are living beings and they need water, sunlight and nutrients from soil to survive. However, very few of us give importance to the fact that like us or the animals, plants requires care and attention too, especially the green lush lawns. Other than water sunlight and nutrients, a lawn grass need to kept clean from pests and weeds, trimmed on regular basis, given all the required supplies of pastures and manure in soil etc.

Lawn maintenance is not an easy chore and requires lot of efforts and dedication. To achieve adequate level of care there are few of the lawn care equipments that are brought in use. These includes the lawn mower, Edger, Leaf blower, fertiliser, gardening tools, safety gears, etc. Just like the garden lawn the Lawn  equipments  maintenance is also essential, this is how.

The most  important tool for your lawn care is your lawn mower and edger as a lawn mower help in cutting the grass and levelling it at required height. And  an edger is used to give shape to your grass from the edges. While these are the most important tools but are often neglected until something goes wrong. The most important step which we miss 90% of time is reading the manual of these appliances. A manual suggest the lawn equipment maintenance, care and attention that the maker of the appliance wants you to pay to it.What could be better than that?

It has been detected that 90% of the time when a lawn mower is not starting, the reason is the gasoline. The gas in the lawn mower should be drained after every use. The longer the gas stays there it turns unfit for the mower causing problems in its ignition. Other than these the oil level in a lawn mower should be monitored every now and then to not to run it without oil. Air filters in the lawn mowers should also be replaced on annual basis. These are not very expensive and a regular change help in elongation of life of the lawn mowers and providing required lawn equipment maintenance.

In other cases grass get stacked in the undercarriage of the lawn mower making it impossible to cut grass. This should be cleaned to the maximum.A regular blade sharpening session is a must as the blades goes blunt after sometime. Spark plug replacement after every year ensure protection from short circuits etc providing the ultimate lawn equipment maintenance.

Lawn edger is an engine powered machine with blades that cut in the vertical direction and hence are useful in cutting the edges of the lawn which as such is not possible with the lawn mower. Similar to the lawn mower the engine of a lawn edger is also prone to debris, dirt and grass so should be regularly checked for cracked air filters and replacement of old oil  for regular engine care.
Once a while a routine service for your engine appliances is also not a bad idea as it helps in safeguarding their life and performance.

Choose the right mower

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Lawn mowing is very essential for the growth and well-being of plants. It helps in keeping the grass green, tidy and free of weeds and unwanted plants. In addition to this the cutting of the grass tips releases necessary hormones that helps in grass spread at a huge level leaving no pores and space for the weeds to grow. Professional help for lawn mowing is always a call away. However, if you enjoy looking after your plants and want to give lawn mowing a shot by yourself you need to buy the right lawn mower.

To choose a right lawn mower can be tricky, this is bought in relation to the requirements i.e. is the type of grass and the area of operation. There are hundreds of brands out there selling numerous types of lawn mowers. However, on broader scale these has been categorised into three major types. To choose the right lawnmower for your grass, you need to be aware of all the types of mowers used for small scale lawn mowing.

The first type is the Walk-Behind Mowers. These are best for the smaller area lawns like the suburban lawns that have a little patch of grasses. These mowers can be manual or reel, electrical, powered with gas or cordless. Reel mowers are the cheapest as they work on simplest mechanism of reels of blades spinning and cutting the unwanted grass. Though take a bit of manual fore but are perfect for small area lawns. Similarly, the electric ones have electric motor that spins the wheel and all you do is walk behind the mower to cut the grass. Likewise, is the mechanism of the gas operated and the cordless one just their power source is gas and battery. If your lawn is small walk and mowing requirements are lesser any of these three will do the job. You can select as per your pocket allowance.

The second kind is the Riding Mowers. As the name suggests, these are the mowers for relatively larger area lawns, like a lawn of a commercial property or a resort lawn etc. To cut out the manual efforts of dragging, these are ride on mowers with relatively larger blades. These allows cutting a width of 26-66 inches of grass heights. These are further divided in four kinds, rear engine rider, lawn tractors, zero turn mowers and garden tractors.

o   Rear engine mowers are though ridable but are still smaller in size comparatively to the tractors and can easily be stored in tight spaced garages. Cutting width is the major criteria of selection of these types of lawn mowers. These are available in both automatic and manual types.

o   Lawn tractor lawn mowers are lighter than the garden tractors in terms of size, lower transmission of torque, horsepower and ties. Other than mowing larger area grasses and saving heaps of time and energy it can also be used as a tractor tilling, furrowing and towing loads.

o   Garden tractor lawn are bigger version of lawn tractors, as explained before. These have an engine of 24 horsepower and have larger back wheels to provide stability on slopes.

The third kind of mowers are tow-behind mowers. As the name suggests, they are the riders with towers behind for massive scale lawn mowing. These are of following types:

o   Rough cut mowers are designed to cut thick weeds and bushes. Larger garden lands are well maintained with these types of lawn mowers.

o   Finish cut mowers are larger version of the walk behind lawn mowers. These are tow behind mowers used to mow the grass on massive scale.

lawn grass types

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Very few turf-type grasses currently growing in America are native to our land. Buffalograss is probably the most common native turfgrass that has been adapted to be grown as a lawn and then only in special circumstances. Most turfgrasses were brought to this country and then adapted through selective breeding and cross-breeding to provide us with the grasses that we are most familiar with today.

There are a multitude of grass varieties, brands but there are basically only 2 grass types: Cool Season type grasses and Warm Season type grasses. Each grass type is suited primarily for one or the other seasons. There is also a narrow band that crosses the country called the Transitional Zone where some grass types for either the Cool Season or Warm Season can be grown, but that doesn’t mean all of them will grow in this narrow zone.

Best Cool Season Grasses

On average, these climates have cold winters and warm to hot summers. Usually they also have regular intervals of rain throughout the summer months, but grasses will tolerate some extended periods of draught by going dormant. Typical cool season grass types include:


-Kentucky Bluegrass

-Rough Bluegrass

-Red Fescue

-Annual Ryegrass

-Perennial Ryegrass

Typical Transition Zone Grasses

There is a “transition zone” between northern and southern turfgrass regions. In this transition zone, neither Warm Season nor Cool Season type grasses are uniformly successful.. Typical grass types suitable for the Transition Zone include:

-Kentucky Bluegrass

-Tall Fescue

-Perennial Ryegrass

-Thermal Blue


Growth Pattern Warm Season Grass

Warm Season Type Grasses

In some ways, growing and maintaining a good-looking lawn in the South is more involved than for northern homeowners. Choosing a grass type is trickier; many turf grass varieties do much better when started as plugs or sod than from seed, as is usually done with Cool Season turf-type grasses. Good soil is critically important for growing a low maintenance lawn in this region. Most all Warm Season grass types will turn brown when cooler temperatures arrive. Some southern gardeners seed their existing lawns with ryegrass each fall to maintain green color during the winter months. This is called “winter overseeding.”

Maintaining ideal growing conditions for your particular grass type is critical, otherwise unwanted grass varieties will start popping up and will be extremely difficult to remove. For example, St. Augustine grass being invaded by Bermuda and vice versa.

Typical Warm Season grass types include:






-St. Augustinegrass